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Vocational Training

IEK Akmi

At the Vocational Training Institute we were taught how to code in Pascal, C and C++, how to use Adobe's apps (Photoshop, Flash Professional, Premiere Pro & Dreamweaver) and how to develop games using 3ds Max and Unity game engine.

2013 - 2015


Medical Association of Piraeus

At the Medical Association I was digitizing documents using cutting-edge technologies and I was in charge of the corresponding department.


AktisCom is a PR agency here in Athens. I had to re-design its website, keeping the same content.

2016 - 2017


IDEA4Europe is an EU-backed project. Its main goal is to find out what's the opinion of young people for the European Union. I took over the development of the website in order to finish it and create a multi-page survey from the scratch (with option for login using Facebook account). Due to lack of time, I had to do overtime so I finished it in record time.

Developer, Author

XBLOG.GR is one of the top blogs in Greece covering tech news and more. After 11 years online, I took over and re-designed the site based on its needs, I moved it to a VPS server and started optimizing the content for SEO.

2016 - PRESENT
2016 - PRESENT


Ecozen is a recognised news site covering environmental news. I took over the development and I migrated the site to another hosting.

IT Admin

"Akropolis" was a newspaper published by "Mavrikos AEVE". I was the head of the IT department, so I was responsible for all the tech there. I also had to create two new blogs that eventually were canceled because the boss died in a horrible car accident and the company was shut down.




XPERIA.GR and were two websites covering news about Sony and Nokia smartphones respectively. I created their blogs using WordPress.


Tech Community is a news site that covers technology news. I created the blog using WordPress, I configured the theme and moved it from a shared hosting to a VPS server. Later I was developing a new theme from scratch -that I designed- but unfortunately it was canceled.

2009 - 2016

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